Anyone and everyone is welcome to join the team – students, alumni, family and friends.
But why join?

  • Sweet Uniforms
  • Expert and Pro speakers
  • Awesome social events
  • Improve your fitness
  • Beat CSU
  • Discounts with our sponsors
  • Access to a community of shop experts
  • Discover the Rockies under your own power
  • Team Camraderie
  • TO RACE!

Colorado is an epic place for biking, with many pro riders and a plethora of dedicated amateurs living right in Boulder. CU also has its share of pros, amateurs, and recreational riders. Though much of the club is dedicated to racing, there is a place for everyone. So if you’re looking to get that pro contract, or just want a riding partner, join the team.

First thing you need to do is to pay your team dues on Membership dues ($150/year) allow the team to grow and prosper – covering administrative costs, allowing us to bring speakers to our meetings, and assisting the racers in travel costs. Without dues we wouldn’t be able to hear about proper biking nutrition, or rent vans and trailers to transport a well-rested 40 racers the 8 hours to Durango to beat Fort Lewis. And besides, you can quickly make back your dues by saving money on supplies through our sponsors. Then you can access our private team page for coaching updates, training plans and sponsorship codes and discounts on our Google Groups page.

The next step is to join our email list, since it’s our main line of communication. To join the list, simply send an email to with nothing in the subject, and in the content:

SUBSCRIBE CUCYCLING your_first_and_last_name

You’ll receive an email to which you need to reply to confirm joining. Then you’ll get a confirmation email with instructions on using the list. After all that, you can then email the list about racing inviting others to join you on a ride or about Lord of the Rings by emailing

Note that to unsubscribe to the list, send an email to with nothing in the subject, and in the content:


We also have a couple of sublists. Claire manages a separate girl’s team list. Contact her for the details. Neven runs the downhiller’s list, which you can join in the same manner:

SUBSCRIBE CUCYCLINGDH your_first_and_last_name

The next step is to fill out a Club Sports Waiver (and the back side). This is a legal thing required for all club sports on campus. Every CU Cycling sanctioned activity, namely rides, races, clinics, etc., may carry some risk. The University cannot take on any health or damage responsibilities as a result (otherwise tuition would probably be huge). So we require everyone who participates in a ride/event to fill out this form, WEAR A HELMET, and have a bike in good working order (with good tires, and brakes unless you’re on a velodrome).

The last step, if you plan on racing, is to get a USA Cycling racing collegiate racing license. Check out the USA Cycling website, and click on “Get a License” in the box on the left. Log in if you have an account, and if you don’t, fill out your first and last name as well as your date of birth to create one. It should be straightforward to finish the account-creation process, filling out necessary information.

At your main profile page, select purchase license. Check the box for collegiate as a primary license. If you want to race more than just the collegiate season, select the appropriate license options as addons (road, mountain, international if you plan to race in other Countries). Click Next at the bottom, and on the payment page, read the waiver, click the check boxes to approve, and hit Next. In the drop-down menu, choose University of Colorado-Boulder – Boulder, CO as the club, click Nextagain, and verify the information. If you have never raced before, the default category information will be appropriate. If you have raced, select your category. Finally, fill out payment information. Your license will be mailed to you in about 2 weeks. In the mean time, you can print out an authorizationo to ride to bring to races (also works if you lost your license).

Another important resource to get familiar with is the Rocky Mountain Conference, since that’s our conference.

See you at the meetings, Mondays at 7pm in Benson Earth Science 185 where any additional questions you might have will be answered. (You can also contact us for a quicker response.)


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