Looking to get involved with CU Cycling, or any general inquiries?

Contact us at contact [at] cucycling.com.

Or if you know more specifically who to contact, give the appropriate person on this list a call or e-mail and they’ll help you out.

Position Name Email
President Danny Hiller bicyclemaster400 [at] gmail.com
Vice Presidents Christa Ghent ghentc [at] gmail.com
Treasurer Bill Golembieski BillGolembieski [at] ProjectU23.com
Clothing Abby Mickey amickey [at] me.com
Sponsorship Corey Moxon Corey.Moxon [at] colorado.edu
Media Joey Schusler joeyschusler [at] aol.com
Travel Coordinator
Alumni Correspondent Will Buick William.Buick [at] colorado.edu
Secretary Andrew Murphy Andrew.B.Murphy [at] colorado.edu
Webmaster Anthony Carfang webmaster [at] cucycling.com
Additional Support Chris Baddick
Heather Fischer
chrisbaddick [at] gmail.com
Heather.Fischer [at] colorado.educlaire.bensard [at] colorado.edu
Team Coaches Margell Abel
margell1 [at] yahoo.com
FasCat Website

Our main line of communication is through our email list. To join the list, simply send an email tolistproc@lists.colorado.edu with nothing in the subject, and in the content:

SUBSCRIBE CUCYCLING your_first_and_last_name

You’ll receive an email to confirm, along with usage of the list. Then you can email the team about going on rides or questions or BBQs or Wayne’s World by emailing cucycling@lists.colorado.edu.


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