A long, long time ago, on a mountain top not actually far away, a student on two wheels stared down the technical path just conquered, 4000 feet above everything around, adrenaline pumping, anticipating the descent…Looking up – a breathtaking view over the city. And behind – the Continental Divide, the sun beggining to set behind the mountains.

This was surely something more students needed to enjoy.


The CU Cycling Team formed in 1986, and since then has always been a mix of goofy and friendly people who prefer life on two wheels. With the epic terrain that Colorado has to offer, how could we prefer life any other way? 2-wheeled efficiency for exploring roads and rough paths that weave through the mountains, as well as staying flat and enjoying the culture that each of the towns around has to offer. We are a curious bunch, taking pleasure in all disciplines of cycling – Mountain {short track, cross-country, downhill, 4cross}, Road {long road races, intense criteriums}, cyclocross {a mix of mountain and road}, and with a new velodrome in town, track. There are even some trials bikers stirring around these parts.

Within each of these disciplines, there are members at all levels of dedication. Many enjoy getting around town under their own power, and further exploring new territory. There are of course the weekend warriors – enjoying the riding, and racing on the weekends when time allows for it. Many members also treat it as a career choice – for some at CU, it is – training with a rigorous schedule, watching their nutrition, consulting coaches, and placing racing above all else on their list of priorities.

Though always enjoying relaxed exploration rides and enhancing the biker social scene in Boulder, the CU Cycling Team focuses on collegiate racing in the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cycling Conference. Throughout the season, we travel between Salt Lake City and Denver, Wyoming to New Mexico, racing against the same regional schools week after week. Seeing these same fellow students time and time again creates a competetive and yet relaxed and fun atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else. With the amazing support that the town of Boulder gives us, as well as the resources of expertise only Boulder can provide (many cycling pros choose Boulder as their home), CU consistently winds the Conference. 2 weeks after the Conference Finals, we compete at Nationals – which changes location every 2 years. At nationals, CU is always a team to look out for, always in the top 10 in the nation, consistently the top 5, and NATIONAL CHAMPIONS in both Road and Mountain in 2005.

It may be the coaching, the equipment support, the altitude, or the amazing riding around Boulder; no one really knows. One thing is for sure: If you like biking, this is the place to be.

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